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Many DNS administrators find that the Dynamic DNS update process, and aging/scavenging processes may be difficult to understand and manage correctly.Hopefully, the information in this article will help you understand the relationship between DNS security and record updates to prevent issues such as clients NOT being able to update their DNS records, or DNS records being scavenged for legitimate domain computers.Here are the various settings i've tried in the “Otions:” field; send host-name “[host name].[domain name]”; send "[host name].[domain name]"; send fqdn.server-update on; Question: What is the “Options:” field in the interface config to be used for? If you blow the crap out of your dhclient.conf, you get to keep the pieces.What syntax rules apply to this field like how are settings separated (delimited)? All the GUI does is store the string in the database and auto-generate from it, if it exists.I agree, hacking up the GUI for this feature is probably overkill. Question: I should be able to use an Init script to add the entries I need into /conf/base/etc/correct? It is important to understand how clients update their DNS records dynamically to prevent issues where the process fails due to poor management of your DNS zones and records.If you run the command after a reboot it fails and tries to prompt the user for the password to [email protected][domain name].I believe this is the case because although the Free NAS is still attached to the domain after a reboot the kerberos principal account (used to join the domain) no longer exists (klist).

I found that the DNS servers in the DHCP domain were getting the entries once I added the afore mentioned entries to This can not be changed to “Always dynamically update DNS A and PTR records” , the request was denied by the Windows admin team.Working client systems: Obviously the Windows domain workstations send the appropriate response to the DHCP server to trigger dynamic DNS update.What is the Free BSD equivalent to the entry “send host-name = gethostname();” that works on my Linux systems? It's not interface specific, so no need to stick it in the Interfaces UI (it can simply only apply to those interfaces with DHCP checked). That would certainly address the problem Michael is having - he'd just stick NOTE: I have not confirmed that adding "send host-name = gethostname();" to /etc/would fix my issue.That entry works on my Linux systems but I do not have a Free BSD computer to test the theory. Also when I placed items in /etc/they did not seem to effect the dhcp exchange.

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Also if I reboot the system all my entries are lost.

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