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Season 1, Episode 2September 30, 2002While Mona is busy with Brian (James Lesure), Dee Dee and Spencer become buddies, which causes Mona to worry that her half-sister is stealing her best friend. The festivities may not come off, however, when Dee Dee reveals that Mona's mom has been lying to Mona for years. Season 1, Episode 3October 7, 2002Dee Dee and Mona celebrate their birthdays, which are three days apart, by planning a joint party.

Season 1, Episode 6October 28, 2002Dee Dee persuades Mona to attend a banquet that's being held in honor of their father, but the experience reminds Mona that she's the odd one out within her dad's “new” family. These children are with her ex-husband Frank Kingston (Charlie Murphy), who works a very hectic schedule as a party planner.Nick's mother Marilyn (Telma Hopkins) is not happy about her son's recent marriage or her new role as a grandmother, and has a hard time getting along with her new daughter-in-law.Also: Dee Dee attracts the attentions of an exterminator (James Lesure) with whom Mona is smitten. Also: Mona worries that her relationship with Brian is over when he doesn't call.

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