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“I have something way bigger going on than all these other people.”But this is no ordinary prospect.This is "Doc Gooden," says one longtime California scout.

It is a.m., but he happily offers me a glass of water and welcomes me into his family's two-story home in Stevenson Ranch, California, with a 360-degree view of the Santa Susanas and, just south of the mountaintops, the city that breeds stars.

Whenever there's not a team lunch, Hunter and Boogie eat together, alone, on a bench outside the baseball field. As for Facebook, well, that's where he posts photos for old people in his family.

But with more money, more attention, more pressure, more…everything, Hunter is feeling more like one of the olds all of the time."I definitely feel like an adult 24/7," he says.

When Hunter participated in the Junior Home Run Derby at the MLB All-Star Game in San Diego last July, Boogie was there. "It's only the beginning."Eating a box of orange chicken, Hunter checks Twitter to see what people are saying about the cover.

When the Reds drafted Hunter in June, Boogie was there. "Some dude thinks I look like if Russell Wilson and Tiger Woods had a baby," he says. He checks Snapchat, then Instagram to see how many followers he's gained: 10K, 12.5K, 14K.

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Hunter and his father, Russell, have established a breakfast program by now: omelette, bacon or sausage (corned beef hash on Wednesdays), strawberries and bananas, plus a power-shake blend of chocolate Muscle Milk and spinach.

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