Wheelchair amp dating

I am a huge believer in always being honest and upfront about who you are but this is just frustrating to say the least.

So, a girl would rather go out with a guy who is a dirt bag then with a guy who is a normal guy but just can't walk that well and has some other physical issues that are minor.

I have tested this notion and found it to be true oh about 100% of the time.

Anyway, when you post up your profile on dating sites if it includes the words "I am Physically Disabled" you will get zero replies.

I have some more stuff that I’m working on to spread awareness and promote inclusion.

You've Found the #1 Site For Amputees Who Want to Meet Someone Like You!

The “thoughts” were very specific and spoke to those things. I literally had one of the best and most fun times ever on set.

We just worked well together and had the same type of humor and spirits so we just had a great time. It mattered to me as a black woman because black women with disabilities are never represented in media.

It was all organic, which I loved; plus she’s an amazing person.

I wanted to provide subtle insight on a topic everyone can relate to, like dating, but share my unique experience as a person with a disability.

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