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Transformer Module Handler[] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Injection complete[] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Running coremod plugin for Apple Core [] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Running coremod plugin Apple Core[] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Coremod plugin class Apple Core run successfully[] [main/INFO] [Launch Wrapper/]: Loading tweak class name net.common.launcher. Terminal Tweaker[] [main/INFO] [Launch Wrapper/]: Calling tweak class net.common.launcher. Native Method Accessor Impl.invoke(Native Method Accessor ~[? Delegating Method Accessor Impl.invoke(Delegating Method Accessor ~[? Dort wird Ihnen die Bedienung dieser Seite näher erläutert.Darüber hinaus sollten Sie sich registrieren, um alle Funktionen dieser Seite nutzen zu können.Certificate fingerprint cd99959656f753dc28d863b46769f7f8fbaefcfc[] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Coremod plugin class FMLCore Plugin run successfully[] [main/INFO] [Launch Wrapper/]: Calling tweak class net.relauncher. Bootstrap.func_151354_b( ~[ng.class:? Core Mod Manager$FMLPlugin Wrapper[] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Injecting coremod FMLForge Plugin class transformers[] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Injection complete[] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Running coremod plugin for FMLForge Plugin [] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Running coremod plugin FMLForge Plugin[] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Coremod plugin class FMLForge Plugin run successfully[] [main/INFO] [Launch Wrapper/]: Calling tweak class net.common.launcher. Verify Error: Bad local variable type Exception Details: Location: net/minecraft/block/Block Cake.func_180682_b(Lnet/minecraft/world/World; Lnet/minecraft/util/math/Block Pos; Lnet/minecraft/block/state/IBlock State; Lnet/minecraft/entity/player/Entity Player;)Z @11: aload_0 Reason: Type top (current frame, locals[0]) is not assignable to reference type Current Frame: bci: @11 flags: locals: stack: Bytecode: 0x0000000: 1904 03b6 006d 9a00 0503 ac2a 2b19 04b8 0x0000010: 0073 3a06 1904 b600 77b6 007c 3607 1904 0x0000020: b600 77b6 0080 3808 1904 b200 86b6 008a 0x0000030: 1904 b600 7719 06b4 0090 1906 b400 93b6 0x0000040: 0097 2a19 0615 0717 0819 04b8 009b 2db2 0x0000050: 0020 b900 3e02 00c0 0022 b600 4236 0515 0x0000060: 0510 06a2 001d 2b2c 2db2 0020 1505 0460 0x0000070: b800 26b9 002c 0300 06b6 009f 57a7 0009 0x0000080: 2b2c b600 a357 04ac Stackmap Table: full_frame(@11,,) chop_frame(@128,2) chop_frame(@134,3) at net.minecraft.block. ich habe mir neulich den techniclauncher von minecraft heruntergeladen. alles ging perfekt doch dann sah man die seite wo sich tekkit sonst immer öffnet und davor stand irgenwas mit dem FML (forge mod loader) und immer wenn Validating minecraft dastand stürzte alles ab also das fenster und der launcher wurden geschlossen. Minecraft Forum Thread An API for modifying the food and hunger mechanics of Minecraft.

FMLInjection And Sorting Tweaker[] [main/INFO] [Launch Wrapper/]: Calling tweak class net.relauncher.

The mod doesn’t have an actual goal, and you’ll understand this when you see all the random content Mekanism contains, from jetpacks to balloons.

However, I can assure you that you’ll notice all the content blend together as you get to know the mod better!

FMLDeobf Tweaker[] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Loaded 203 rules from Access Transformer config file forge_at.cfg[] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Validating minecraft[] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Minecraft validated, launching...[] [main/INFO] [Launch Wrapper/]: Calling tweak class net.relauncher. Launch.main( [launchwrapper-1.12.jar:?

Core Mod Manager$FMLPlugin Wrapper[] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Injecting coremod Apple Core class transformers[] [main/TRACE] [FML/]: Registering transformer squeek. Launch.launch( [launchwrapper-1.12.jar:?

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