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There hasn’t been an endgame in LOTRO in years now.

A new zone or expansion pack is released, you level through it, and then you do the same content you were doing in 2010.

So, to level up quickly, you now hang onto the items. They’re angry at each other and they’re angry at Turbine, all overlain with a constant nostalgia for the good days, the old days, when the level cap was 50, group content existed, and there was no cash shop.

If they were, such a channel would be impossible to implement.They know each other’s alts, so when one side of an argument switches characters in an attempt to back out, he or she is called on it as soon as the alt’s name shows up.I’ve seen players come back from bannings, be greeted warmly, only to immediately launch into a public tirade clearly aimed at getting banned again.Not constantly, like I said, but I come back, always. The wonderful secret, known to fewer and fewer with each passing month, is that, despite the creaking community and periodic neglect from Turbine, LOTRO is the most faithful attempt at realizing Middle-earth put into videogame form.It is a marvel of MMO engineering, one which demands the utmost respect for the architects of the game, lingering bugs be damned.

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Everyone just seems so tired of the game, yet Turbine still works on it as they can (Beornings coming as a class soon! It’s a strange sight, the inexorable erosion of good will and vitality from the game, one grain of emotional sand at a time.

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