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Your friends and classmates complain about how their boyfriend is going home for the weekend and they won’t see him until the following week.

They’re complaining because their boyfriend is too busy studying or spending time with his friends to go grab dinner with them.

What they don’t realize is how much you would love to be in their shoes.

You’d love to be able to have the comfort of your boyfriend being on the same campus or even in the same state as you even if you don’t get to see him every single day.

All my fellow military girlfriends know exactly what you would think.

You don’t know a hard relationship until you’ve walked a mile in the shoes we fill each and every day, and let me tell you that it’s not easy.

You think being in a relationship while being in college is even harder.

What would you think if you were a college student in a long distance relationship with a military man stationed on the other side of the country or even overseas?

You pray not only for strength, but you also begin praying for each other and for your relationship as a whole.

You have the chance that others don’t get to separately find who you are as an individual rather than conforming to your significant other because you spend all of your time together.

The time apart also allows you to develop so many other relationships with the people around you.

Through the faith and prayer, God becomes your foundation and your commitment to each other can only grow stronger and result in a better relationship.

The faith you develop doesn’t make the relationship easier, but it definitely makes it all possible.

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