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Although I haven't seen a lot of Hindi cinema, this might just about be the best that I have.

Unfortunately, most people would still prefer a topless Salman Khan than a gem like this.

After breaking up with his childhood sweetheart, a young man finds solace in drugs.

Meanwhile, a teenage girl is caught in the world of prostitution.

Masaan is a film that exposes you to the kinds of lives people elsewhere live, and gives you an opportunity to evaluate yours.

Well, at least, they should be gone.2015 is turning out to be a breathtaking year for Hindi Cinema.

First we had "Margarita, with a Straw", which, simply put, broke all stereotypes.

Will they be destroyed, or will they find redemption?

Four lives intersect along the Ganges: a low caste boy hopelessly in love, a daughter ridden with guilt of a sexual encounter ending in a tragedy, a hapless father with fading morality, and a spirited child yearning for a family, long to escape the moral constructs of a small-town.

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It makes you ponder over issues, though a tad exaggerated, that people in certain parts of our country surely still face.

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