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I'm convinced my hippocampus is damaged so I also use my i Phone to get absolutely everywhere.

I read real books instead of e Books because I like collecting them and looking at them on my bookcase.

” Goodness forbid someone I know and see often will see what I look like when I’m at home!I don't have a lot of money and what I do have I seem to spend on silly things like trips to NY or tattoos, so my hardware is kept to a minimum. I do everything on my old white 13" Mac Book so I was pretty gutted when I spilt red wine over it and it was in repair for five weeks.Thankfully I had my boyfriend's Mac Book to use, although that was even older.I hardly used it and since Instagram is the only photo programme I use now, my i Phone is adequate enough.When it comes to music, I listen to it either through my i Phone or Mac Book, sometimes linking it up to the living room speakers. A lot of my housemates are musicians so if the TV speakers are good enough for them, they're good enough for me. Everyone in the VICE office uses this, so I stay logged in all day to keep in touch with those guys.

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