Server 2016 ntp not updating

Stratum 2 servers then get their time from the stratum 1 servers, while stratum 3 servers synchronize with stratum 2 sources.Essentially stratum n 1 will synchronize against stratum n, the highest limit is 15, while 16 refers to a device that is not synchronized.ntpd emits IP/UDP packets with the To S field set to 0xc0.So that is quite similar to the other issue I (and many others) have with Raspberry Pi3 when operated over a Wi-Fi internal interface. ntpdate will run when an ethernet interface is brought up, and set the time from an ntp server (see /etc/default/ntpdate).If ntpd is running, ntpdate will do nothing, however ntpdate will run prior to ntpd at bootup - so this should work out to set the time at bootup as long as there's an ethernet connection.

application to help me when I was having a similar issue.There are plenty of publicly available stratum 1 servers available on the Internet for use.It is generally recommended that you synchronize with a time source higher in the hierarchy, for instance synchronizing time against a stratum 1 server will be considered more reliable than using a stratum 4 server.As a workaround, add the command It should already be updating the time.The NTPD server should start just after the swap file and before SSHD. Manual page for is here: son's Rasberry Pi would not update the time out of the box and after trying all the suggestions above I could get it to update manually but not automatically.

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