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Following a divorce, parents might become temporarily depressed, have less energy and be less responsive to their infant.

Young infants do not have much control over their emotions, which are influenced by their parents' feelings.

When a parent acts worried or sad, their infant is likely to mirror those feelings.

Infants cannot tell adults how they feel, so adults must interpret infants' behavior.

Infants might cry, scream or cling when a parent is leaving.

Provide short, simple and honest answers to your child's questions.Infants and toddlers may seem too young to understand what is happening during a divorce, but they can still be affected by stressful events.During their first three years of life, children grow quickly, become mobile, learn language, begin to understand how the world works and form social relationships.Responding to your child's needs in predictable, sensitive and affectionate ways is the best way to help your child form a secure attachment.When you respond quickly to your infant's needs — by picking them up when they want to be held and feeding them when they are hungry — your infant learns to trust you.

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