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Savannah, 26, counts Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande as close pals, and has her eye on Kieran, describing him as 'the most chilled out'.

The Irish siren, who spends her time working between LA, London and Dublin admits she's competitive and will do anything to win.

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'It's hard I've only known you for 13 days, he said, adding, 'I'm gonna say Rebecca because I've heard you say you're different outside and you're not being the same person you are.

But with Kieran joining her in the diary room, the duo soon forgave each other.

However it was a different story for Joe, who told Big Brother: 'She played the personal card.

She is joined by fellow blonde Isabelle, who describes herself as 'funemployed and living off dad's money'.

The 21-year-old's presence may cause tension, as she previously hooked up with Kieran, who Savannah has her eye on.

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