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As Mesaros-Winckles describes it, “We're in a time of confused theology in Christian culture,” one in which traditional authority is often questioned, especially in nondenominational churches.The ascendancy of believers unschooled in traditional theology “allows a lot of individuals coming in and seeking power [an opportunity] to take advantage of the situation, and the most dynamic personality is going to become the leader.” , a magazine run by Nancy Campbell, who heads up a ministry of the same name and makes a point to walk a conspicuously fine line, not calling herself part of Quiverfull per se.She spent her days home schooling her kids and publishing a pro-life Christian newspaper with her husband.So strong was her faith that when she was warned to steer clear of a hippie, nonbelieving uncle, she felt insulted that others thought one outsider could so shake her faith.At the same time, she says her then-husband felt like he was losing control, because she was no longer submitting child planning to God’s will, or submitting herself to her husband’s will.“It all kind of came crashing down at once,” remembers Garrison.

Campbell continues, “As the family breaks down, society breaks down, and then the nation fails, because a nation will only be as strong as its families.” She’s deeply concerned by an average American birth rate of roughly 1.8, which, in Campbell’s opinion, reflects a shift away from family life and leaves our nation at risk from groups with higher birthrates.

, which calls children a gift from the Lord: “Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them!

He will not be ashamed as they confront their enemies at the city gate.” Garrison’s family was named Nebraska Family of the Year in 2003 by the conservative Nebraska Family Council, largely due to the Garrisons’ work to pass the Defense of Marriage Act in that state.

If this devout, rabbit-inspired approach to procreation sounds vaguely familiar, you can thank reality television.

The Learning Channel’s Duggar family members have become “the unofficial spokespeople of the Quiverfull movement,” writes Mesaros-Winckles.

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