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As obstetric practices conerning induction of labor and tolerance of a high cesarean section rate have evolved, many have re-evaluated the risk/benefit ratio and advocated a new threshold represented by 41 weeks' gestation.

There is increasing recognition that the occurence of fetal and neonatal complications is a continuum, without clear thresholds determining an absolute limit beyond which pregnancy should not be allowed to progress.

Failure to coordinate these interactions impedes labor; several different pathogenic mechanisms may thus result in postdate pregnancy.

Ovulation occurring during longer or shorter cycles also can be estimated, providing the cycles are regular in length.

Postdate pregnancy, prolonged pregnancy, and postmaturity syndrome should not be used as interchangeable terms.

The accepted normal duration of pregnancy is 266 days after ovulation.

The timing of an ovulatory event may be estimated as occurring 14 days after the first day of the last menstrual period if cycles occur at 28-day intervals.

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