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NET application, and plan for performing the migration.Oracle Forms applications are Oracle database optimized transactional applications built using the tools provided by Oracle's Developer Suite.The following four types of modules are visible when a form application is opened up in Oracle Forms Builder: An application can be built using multiple forms, menus, and library modules.The Oracle Forms Builder can be used to browse the component model and understand the modules and their characteristics so that the Forms Model can be built.Oracle Reports is a tool for developing reports against data stored in an Oracle database.Oracle Reports consists of Oracle Reports Developer (a component of the Oracle Developer Suite) and Oracle Application Server Reports Services (a component of the Oracle Application Server).In the form view, the items are organized into logical blocks and have no visual structure.

In this guide, the Oracle Forms application is first analyzed for its components, and then a similar analysis of the Visual Basic . Strategies for migrating from Oracle Forms to Visual Basic . A detailed discussion on how to perform the migration is beyond the scope of this guide.

Oracle Forms maintains this separation throughout its design.

Hence the Forms Runtime is the same in both the two-tier and three-tier architectures.

A visual editor can be used to refine the forms with graphics and other components. A client/server Forms application can run on the Web with very little or no modification.

Like most GUI applications, an Oracle Forms application is composed of two parts: the application logic and the user interface.

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It is very important to maintain the same visual view when an Oracle Forms application is migrated. NET developers need to look at the visual view to understand how many screen layouts they need in Visual Basic . Each item in a canvas will correspond to one control in . The migration should be attempted by creating two models: one is based on the form view, called the Form Model; and the other is based on the visual view, called the Visual Model.

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