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And even if that doesn’t happen you might walk away with a new friend, running buddy or gig pal into the bargain. In the space of a couple of hours you have up to 20 dates of around four minutes each.Where else can you meet, and talk to that many people in an evening.That is not to say that the room is silent, the level and type of background ambiance depends on the individual venue and the people attending the event, but you will be able to hear yourself think.One of the other benefits of Newcastle speed dating, is the safety aspect.You may find all this difficult on your first attempt at Cardiff speed dating, but bear in mind that your date is likely to be just as nervous and trying to juggle speaking and activity listening, while deciding about you as well.

At Ditch or Date Ltd we try to make that happen by creating events with hosts that have years of experience in UK speed dating. You’ll never know what you’ll leave with unless you try.If there is, simply tick yes on your card against that person's name and badge number.Yes, we know badges are geeky, but how else will you remember all the names after a few drinks?!This is often very difficult when you meet people in a bar because of the level of background noise, and the hustle and bustle going on around you.At singles dating UK events, all of this is removed.

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