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If online dating doesn't work for you, perhaps you could try joining a new society or a book club, or meeting some friend's friends.

There's lots of places for you to meet people who you have something in common with.

He avoids conflict at any cost and it's really hard to get him to make a decision on anything important.

We want to move in together but I've asked to put this off, which is making me feel really horrible.

It doesn't necessarily mean you're not enough for him.

There are a couple of articles on The Mix about attitudes to porn which you might find helpful.

It feels like we're in a relationship now, but I feel like I'm not enough for him.James: Our resident vlogger, Hannah Witton, made a series of You Tube videos about online dating.Isobel: My boyfriend is constantly saying "We'll talk about this later".What can I do to talk to him about important things? Tamsin: When people don't want to deal with something, they run away from it.You could try openly acknowledging that he runs away from you when you try and discuss something serious, and telling him that it is important for you both to sit down and talk together.

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[Rosie: I feel like my relationship is all one-way and I find it difficult to talk to my partner about it as they won't listen to me. Tamsin: Relationships are a two-way street and should be balanced.

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