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The correct postal address for sending things to St Helena is: Recipient’s Name House Name or ‘Near …’Area (e.g. Box 37, Jamestown, Island of St Helena South Atlantic Ocean STHL 1ZZIf sending mail to St Helena it is best to complete a customs declaration at the sending post office.

For local calls dial the five-digit number (there are no area codes).

Smaller businesses and individuals deliver their post by hand.

At present all bulk cargo to and from St Helena is carried by the RMS St Helena, but when the scheduled commercial air service commences the RMS will be retired and its cargo operations replaced by a new Sea Freight service. plans to purchase its own dedicated vessel in 2017 and then delivery frequency will move to a four-weekly cycle.

The ship will also serve Ascension Island, and will have a “” of passenger cabins available for those who prefer not to or cannot travel by air. The RMS St Helena suffered engine problems in March/April 2017 and missed an entire voyage so the MV St Helena made a single trip, arriving on 3 April with 698.36 tonnes of cargo.

Unfortunately she was unable to dock at the new wharf in Rupert’s, so had to be unloaded in the ‘conventional’ way.

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