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250 BC) and the Drunken Woman (attributed to Myron of Thebes; c. The Glyptothek keeps a large collection of Roman busts, among the most famous ones are the busts of Gaius Marius and Sulla (c. 40 AD), Nero (65 AD), Septimius Severus (200 AD) and his wife Julia Domna (195 AD).

If it's Nuernberg or north thereof it's Franconia. Exhibit F: Franconia (flag flying at the Staffelberg in Staffelstein, Franconia.The walls from the interior are composed of red brick and painted with a light plaster. The Glyptothek contains sculptures dating from the archaic age (c. This collection is complemented by the terracotta and bronze collections in the Staatliche Antikensammlung (State Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities), which is located opposite the Glyptothek.Among the most famous sculptures covering Archaic Greece are the Munich Kouros (statue of an adolescent from Attica, c.With the support of the cultural foundations of the German states, the Glyptothek was able to acquire in 2017 a bust of Caligula (c. The Emperor, like the Munich portrait of his ancestor Augustus (Augustus Bevilacqua), bears the corona civica.To the major attractions belong also a colossal statue of Apollo (1st/2nd centuries AD) from a Roman villa in Tuscany, several Roman sarcophagus reliefs and mosaic floors.

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