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It is one of the most successful websites by Brandon Wade who has an array of other sites under his command.This is a site for the singles only, thoroughly discouraging arrangements or relationships with benefits, and catering to the single elite that is looking for a meaningful encounter that could lead to a romantic relationship or anything as fulfilling.This is a site with about 54.15% male clientele and 45.58 females.This is unlike the other sites in the category which feature a higher concentration of female subscribers than male ones.Members that are verified on the platform get a gold badge for display, featured in the newsletters and get a free lifetime membership.Verification is done through a recent photo ID and tax receipts.

It also rejects services to cheaters, spammers or anyone that poses a threat to other members.

This is a dating site that caters to the millionaires and the single elite.

The list of members includes people like lawyers, CEOs, doctors, Models, celebrities and even professional athletes.

Despite this, it still ranks as one of the finest websites of the niche of online dating, making it a go-to place for many people.

It is open to both wealthy singles and those that greatly admire them.

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It, however, does not cater for same-sex relationships, and for those that are looking for a gay sugar daddy, Seeking Arrangement would be a more effective alternative. Signup is free and so is photo and income verification.

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  1. If that girl at the bar is someone you’re interested in dating, ask for her number. But remember that she is a human being who has likely been hurt and had her heart stomped on — just like you.