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I’m going to have to stay at the Mikaelson compound.” [] Did last week help her sort through her complicated feelings for Klaus at all? [] You mentioned that she’s at the compound for the holidays. But luckily for her, as of now, she’s more a part of a family than dead. Are you at all worried that she’s the “friend” who will betray the Mikaelsons in the prophecy?

I think the more she feels, the more complicated it gets. Does she feel like she’s part of the Mikaelson clan at this point? Once you get into their orbit, you either die or become part of the family. I totally trust the writers, and if that happened to be Cami, I’m sure it will end up being this epic crazy twist. That’s another option, but the big bad, that’s way less job security than the therapist. So this week, it seems like Cami is helping Kinney? She’s been compelled to forget an answer she’d been searching for.

I think that the dark side of Cami has always been a struggle for her and I think it will continue being a struggle for her.

Leah Pipes (born Leah Marie Pipes) is an American actress. In January 2014, Pipes announced her engagement to actor and musician A.

and had a recurring voiceover role on the animated series Kim Possible.

They saw my butt so many times no one even cared anymore.

Leah's departure from the show should have created an outpouring of love and support from her fans for all the spirit she's brought to Cami's character of the years — and that's it!

token human, Cami, is not only still around, but she’s finally revealed that she, too, has a dark side.

She’s more than an awesome athlete and amazing actress—she’s totally someone we would want as our BFF, playing for our team.

We caught up with Leah as she talked sports, family and boys.

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