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Better to construct one with random chars, and encrypt them properly. I have been told that the most common password in France is "bonjour".It would be interesting to know what the more common passwords are in American English and British English. or they reflect something about your awesome personality.

people want to be with a partner that is fun, and will make it fun to be around them. even if you have skew, yellow teeth, or you hate your nose, or have a bald head. nothing sucks harder than seeing the disappointment/disgust on a person’s face when they see you are not what you advertised. if someone will turn you down because of your skew nose or big ears, then they won’t hang around for difficult times, wont they?

as any geek will know, online dating is often the last resort for those of us, who are not happy with dating Muggles.

and often, geekery and skepticism goes together, so yeah, you make your chances of finding a mate even smaller.

Information is power, even how little you've got from it. • May 31, 2006 PM Get's confusing when i made that mistake *sigh* comparing them to online tables is what i meant, but to make MD5 collisions is also possible, but takes more time.

what i meant by not being secure enough and i consider it too weak.

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• May 31, 2006 PM There are many sites we're you can decrypt md5 hashes, and they should know that md5 is so weak.

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  1. I found a site call collection bullies and reported it to them about 2 weeks latter I received a call saying they had been shut down and I would be getting my money back that person is to call be back Wednesday 10 @2pm.

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