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I am planning to work in south korea and in order for me to get the job is to learn basic korean language (Hangul'), i am looking forward to share my knowledge in teaching basic english language which i would say im good with, and just for a quick background, i have been working in a BPO company for 9 years supporting United States telecommunications customers. I can follow simple conversations and I can read a bit of Kanji, but I'm still struggling with keeping up with Japanese speakers' natural speaking pace and reading long sentences.

I'm a native Tagalog speaker who speaks English as a second language and I am looking for someone who will be willing to teach me Japanese.

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I'm not a professional teacher, but if you are interested in learning Tagalog or English I would be more than happy to help you. I want to learn more about Japanese culture and improve my Japanese language as well as Korean culture and language. I am recently learning Korean and so far, I think I am not making any progress. I would want to exchange language with a Korean or anyone who is fluent in Korean.

In return I can teach you Tagalog and English as a way of thanking you for teaching me Japanese and Korean. I am fluent both in English and Tagalog (Filipino). If you are interested in learning either of the two languages I mentioned, feel free to contact me.

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