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She sucks greedily and her tongue does magical stuff over and around my seeping cockhead.

I want these sensations to last for ever but that’s impossible. With cock in hand, my mind wanders to what happened at lunch and, sure enough, I start to get a boner.

When I finish pumping, she withdraws my cock, holding the shaft, and gently sucks and licks until it is limp in her hand. My right hand forms a fist around my shaft and I stroke up and down and very soon my cockhead is slick and shiny with pre-cum.

She gets up, laughs and says, “You’d better shower again. Lunch will be ready when you come up.” She grins at me, her nipples still standing proud on her firm breasts. My foreskin slips and slides back and forth over my plump glans. As I recover from the shock of Alex’s intrusion, my cock is starting to enlarge again in my hand and I watch as he drops his pants and shorts and bends over a workbench.

"I thought I'd give you an early birthday present, Bobby,” she says. "Lick my nipples." Without hesitating, I eagerly grab both boobs. Her tits feel wonderful, soft and yet heavy in my palm, and the nipples have stiffened and grown longer. She does not move her hand, doesn’t stroke me, only holds onto my throbbing erection.

"Finger me,” she whispers, her breath warm on my ear. She is wet and I easily but slowly insert a finger and move it in and out, fucking her while my thumb rubs her clit. Sure, okay.”She releases my cock, raises her arms and clasps both hands behind my neck and says, “Faster, rub me harder.

Cleaning out the barn means shovelling hay and shit and piss out of the stalls, onto a stone boat.

Then I haul the stone boat out to the field and shovel it off as manure/fertilizer.

However, it's Friday and that means I will finish working tonight and can go home with dollars in my pocket. There are framed walls with unpainted wall board for the furnace room, utility room, bathroom and the bedroom. The closet in the bedroom has a curtain across, as does the entrance to the bathroom.Alex is now supporting his weight on the bench with his left hand and jerking off with his right. It’s not long before I am breathing hard and my nuts explode, my cum gushing into his ass. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.As I continue to rock in and out, I see my jizz running out of his ass. When my cock starts to soften, I pull out."Gawd, that was awesome Bobby. It is owned by Alex and Myra who are in their thirties and have no children.I’ve been busy all week shovelling grain, moving hay bales and cleaning out the barn.

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She kisses my balls, gives each a quick suck before she takes my cock into her mouth, swallowing my length all the way down to my sac.

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