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The nervous system goes through important development during the first few months after birth.Lack of thyroid hormones can cause damage that cannot be reversed.It is very important that the above tests are carried out soon after the heel prick blood tests are known.This is because if congenital hypothyroidism is not diagnosed and treated soon after birth, it can cause problems with mental development, learning and clumsiness.There is another very rare type of hypothyroidism in which a child's thyroid gland is in the right place, but it cannot produce thyroxine.This type is inherited and so there is a risk that if you have another child in the future they may have the same condition.

If this test shows that your baby possibly has hypothyroidism, it will be recommended that he or she have further blood tests to confirm the diagnosis.Newborns diagnosed and treated in the first month or so usually have normal intelligence.Untreated mild hypothyroidism can lead to severe intellectual disability and growth problems.On other occasions the thyroid gland does not develop at all.If you have one child with this type of congenital hypothyroidism, the chance of having another baby who is affected is very low.

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