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Drug Use - Possessing or using drugs is strictly illegal in Mongolia, and if you are caught you may end up serving time in prison.

Police are quite strict on this measure, so be sure not to run afoul of the law in your stay in Mongolia.

The Mongolian diet, especially in the countryside, is very high on meat and milk.

This may be a shock to many western diets, which typically contain more grains, vegetables and processed foods.

Of all the major cities in Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar is most likely to provide a familiar experience.

On the surface, it may seem similar; large buildings, lots of people, service-based economy, but there are several customs that you should keep in mind if you want to successfully make your way through the capital of the country.

So here's a Mongolian food tip: in the weeks before you depart vary your diet to be more protein-heavy and you'll avoid suffering from digestion issues (and contributing to global warming! If you join a local celebration or festival, and you really ought to, keep in mind that Mongolian culture is a lot like Russian culture when it comes to drinking.

Mongolian Scramble - Expatriates have given this name to the way that people in Mongolia deal with public commerce. You may be elbowed in the gut, kicked in the shin or stepped on while trying to buy something or get on a bus.Mongolia is not particularly religious, conservative or liberal, but it is uniquely Mongolian.People take pride in their customs and habits, and if you show respect you will find far more doors are opened during your travels than if you don't.Giving Money - Beggars are a problem in Ulaanbaatar, and they're not very well liked by the population as a whole.Poverty is obviously a problem, but if you'd like to help out, you should donate to local non-profit organizations in a particular neighbourhood or support improvement projects around the city.

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