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Michele met them in the front yard, spouting the same story about an intruder.

Inside the home, detectives found the television on full blast and a child asleep on the sofa.

“Women do not typically sleep in their bra,” one detective noted in his report. Her husband, Greg Williams, had been shot in the head while lying in bed.

The .45-caliber gun purportedly used by an intruder was found near the back door next to a wrench. There was no sign of forced entry, and the ,000 the couple kept in the house hadn’t been touched.

Playing the part of hysterical wife, she screamed through tears, “My husband was shot.

Somebody was in the house.” The call came in at am on October 13, 2011, and Keller police rushed to the Williams’ lavish home in the Twin Lakes subdivision.

Police confirmed the vehicle belonged to a newspaper delivery person.

With her first yarn unraveled, Michele needed to switch spools.

Laura says Michele came into the kitchen about am, all dressed up, with her hair fixed and makeup on.

Michele, fully dressed with her hair fixed, was behaving oddly.

For starters, she told police she’d been asleep, but her clothes and demeanor didn’t seem it. She was screaming.” Michele was taken to the Keller police station for questioning, and after a few hours, her implausible story began to fall apart.

With Greg dead, Michele began liquidating his assets.

She sold Blueberries, the frozen yogurt shop she’d begged him to buy her, for ,000 on Craigslist.

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After two hours of questioning, the Keller police officer interrogating Michele provided her with a new cover story.

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