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But something about Hater’s interface seems less intimidating.The process of swiping on topics you love or hate feels almost like playing a game.These online connections are replacing the need for the physical connection." That's a bleak thought, though he adds, "It's not true for everyone.Most people do want real connection.” And using dating apps in this way does accomplish that on some level.If you remove the weight of trying to find your soulmate or a hookup, dating apps are a lot more fun.

One recent survey found that more than 90 percent of college students are using dating apps for purposes other than hooking up or finding love — mainly they're there for entertainment and the ego boost you get from being "liked." They may be onto something.

When the app first launched back in February, it got a lot of international attention, with people signing up in many different countries.

There weren’t always enough users in any given region, so the app expanded the radius for people in those areas, allowing users to start matching all over the globe.

There are still plenty of people out there in search of the perfect match, but the dating app Hater, which matches people based on the things they mutually dislike, has discovered an interesting trend among its users.

Brendan Alper, the app's founder and CEO, told Mashable he'd recently noticed that a lot of them just don’t seem to care where their potential matches are located — because they have no intention of ever meeting them IRL.

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One side was still interested in meeting and dating in the traditional sense.

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