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You deserve someone who is as excited to marry you as you are to marry. Even if I had married any of the boyfriends I was in love with in my 20s, I would've missed out on what it felt like to be really wanted. And I totally agree with you about not making the wedding the goal. We are not long distance, but it feels like we are. I spend many a night going out to dinner with the parents.We go for a week without seeing each other but then we might take a vacation and be together for a week straight (or longer). I am just hoping that my boyfriend can make transition away from the parents and stop relying on them so much.To my ear, it sounds like you are unsure and that is a rickety foundation to start a marriage on. _______________________ Hannah Seligson: Hi everyone! _______________________ Moving on: I broke up with my long-term boyfriend in January due to his telling me he did not see a future for us. Any advice for moving on better than I am doing right now? I'd also remind yourself that you weren't getting what you wanted from the relationship, so even if you loved him, he wasn't the right guy for you. Also, some women still believe "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free." Although there is no proof that moving in together delays marriage.

I've been in a relationship for seven months with a girl who is dependable, grounded, and trustworthy, but there isn't a huge spark in me for her.I want to be his main headquarters, not his parents.He says he wants to get married and have children and that he loves me.I don't think not living together says anythign about your relationship. I found in the research for the book that it gives couples more confidence about getting married because they've give the relationship a "test drive." _______________________ Washington, DC: My girlfriend and I have been discussing marriage this past week when we discovered a difference of opinion.I feel like my partner should bring out the feelings of desiring to get married versus me having the desire to be married on my own.

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Her work has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. My boyfriend and I just broke up after dating over a year.

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  1. My girlfriend, "V", and I are both divorcees with children in the New York metropolitan region and have both tried meeting people in different ways - matchmakers, friend referrals, online dating, etc.

  2. They allowed God to write their love story and aim to share their love as an inspiration to other women on this journey with me. We met while studying at Cornell University, but it was a very rushed first introduction.