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She enjoys watching other sports with me, and we enjoy going to Memphis Grizzlies’ basketball games together, which is always a good time.” Along the same lines as Kesler, Martin also finds dating another athlete to be awesome but took a little more of a practical approach.“With both of us being college athletes, it teaches us a lot about how life might be in the future,” said Martin.

“Balancing both of our schedules is hard, but as athletes, we have both learned how to manage our time pretty efficiently,” said Kesler.I definitely appreciate the time we get to spend together event if it is just for a few minutes,” Wainwright said.“Understanding one another this way has made both of us more flexible in our schedules and more responsible in balancing different things.” Martin also added a bit of insight to how he and Tribble appreciate each other and value the time they spend together.Matt Kesler, a sophomore philosophy major, is a goalie on the men’s soccer team and is a teammate of Martin.Kesler has been dating junior nursing major Abbey Wainwright for about a year.

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