Darren bent dating steve bruce

"We thought we had a deal done a couple of days ago and it has not quite materialised.

Since 2005, he has scored 81 league goals, with only Manchester United's Wayne Rooney and Chelsea forward Didier Drogba ahead of him in the scoring charts, with 82."The timing is especially hard to take, given that we are progressing positively and are in a great position to push on."Everyone has been nothing but supportive of Darren in his time at Sunderland but it's obvious he's not been himself in training and we've certainly not seen the best of him in games in recent weeks - and we now understand why. So stop ******* around Levy." Bent is reportedly a prolific user of Twitter and, regarding the potential move to Sunderland, wrote: "Why can't anything be simple?A club spokesman said: "We are yet to find out if this is Darren." Meanwhile, Sunderland manager Steve Bruce admits a deal is in the balance and he fears another club, possibly Aston Villa, could make a last-ditch bid to snatch Bent.

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