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With her deadpan wit and trademark unconventional insight, Alexandra Ares delivers a fast-paced, rakishly entertaining and ingeniously plotted soulful novel that confirms her status as one of the hottest new writers around. What lethal difference four sweet cookies can make in the grand scheme of things.”Have you ever watched Seinfeld?

AWARD WINNING FINALIST OF THE USA BOOK AWARDS 2011 MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW TOP REVIEWERS' CHOICE “A seamless merging of the latest “blog book” trend and “Bridget Jones Diary. My grandpa used to say it was a show about everything and nothing. We all know Seinfeld was a huge hit and it’s easy to see why this book has gotten so much praise.

“Ive been living several months like a hermit, just me and my laptop, and now I am startled by this sudden immense display of life and people that exist regardless of me, separate of me, independent of me, oblivious of me.”If you’re looking for a quick witty read, you’ve found it!

My Life on Craigslist is an adventure you won’t want to miss. I absolutely HATED the protagonist - she's spoiled, lazy, completely an unlikable character... It was a "What in the world is this dummy going to do next? It obviously was written well enough that I didn't bail out, but when I got to the end (which I saw coming a mile away, honestly) I just felt "Meh."Emily pierde job-ul,e deprimată şi nu ştie exact ce vrea, mai ales după pierderea prietenului ei Toby ce a lăsat-o pt o maseuză.

If you’ve ever spent time on Craigslist, you can begin to formulate an idea of the disastrous situations Emily finds herself in.

It’s funny, smart and filled with tons and tons of crazy drama.“My home page used to be Google, but the Craigslist tab was always open, so I recently changed it to Craigslist because it has to be.

A roommate who is rarely home, turns out to be an escort, which makes Emily get on her high moral horse, but later, when Emily herself becomes an escort for a day things spiral out of control... Very clean, clear voice and original writing."--Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Review“Rakishly entertaining! My grandpa used to say it was a show about everything and nothing. We all know Seinfeld was a huge hit You can read this and other reviews at Madisonsays As soon as I read the following passage I knew this was the book for me: “Yesterday I worked out and I even ate steamed veggies but couldn’t say no to wine and four cookies around 7p.m.

După puţin timp descoperă că Beata e o "damă de companie" şi nu ştie cum să se elibereze de ea pt că nu vrea să pară că o judecă.Într-o zi aude că Poliţia a trecut şi a luat-o pe Beata deci se simte mai uşurată pt că aceasta vruia să o şantajeze pt că nu-i făcea o recomandare falsă că ar fii stat 6 luni în chirie acolo.

Ceea ce mă deranjează din carte e limbajul pe alocuri vulgar dar în rest e OK.

Astfel cunoaste pe Bill Gruber un producător de film, divorţat si cu multe probleme "intime", cu gînduri ascunse.

Ironia soartei e că tocmai el îi va cumpăra cu un milion jumate de dolari tabloul de Basquiat care-i lipsea din colecţie si pe care EA l-a găsit pe stradă.

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I laughed, smiled and rolled my eyes more during this book than I have in a long time.

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