Converse backdating

Over the past year, authorities have busted large green-card marriage rings from coast to coast that made millions of dollars by providing spouses and fake documents to foreigners.About one in five of the 3,494 identity and benefit fraud cases Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigated in fiscal year 2005 were marriage fraud, said agency spokesman Marc Raimondi.

Lawyers for Money2Money, the financial transfer service, said their clients were not guilty.As Italy's economy was heading off a cliff, police couldn't help but notice that the country's Chinese communities were booming.Luxury cars rolled past Chinese betting parlours and garment factories."We have discovered 50 per cent of the truth." China's foreign ministry said in a faxed statement that Chinese authorities knew nothing of the Italian case."China is always committed to deepening law enforcement cooperation with other countries, jointly cracking down on transnational crimes and punishing criminals," the ministry wrote.

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