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The ritual of lighting a cigar and savoring the complex tastes of a well aged and properly treated smoke can be a wonderful focus for relaxation and meditative reflection on the pleasures of the here-and-now rather than on the demands of a busy schedule.

According to the Cigar Association of America, a study conducted in the mid-1980s showed that less than one tenth of one percent of cigar smokers were women.

Nowadays woman who smoke cigar is considered true cigar aficionado.

She smokes for the relaxation and pleasure cigar smoking brings.

Admittedly, there is nothing more sexy than watching a woman enjoying a fine smoke as a means of calming her nerves and at the same time amplifying her symbol of accomplishments for all to admire.

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Historically, they were the first people known to roll a good cigar.

Anthropologists conjecture that Mayan women were just as likely as men to roll dried tobacco and take a puff.

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