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While we know that these methods are effective for growers, the exact mechanism of why and how this happens is not yet fully understood.So unless you start with a known female clone or feminized seeds, there’s no way to know what gender your plant will turn out until it actually starts showing signs of sex organs.Think of this as the time when your plant is gaining size to prepare for the second stage of life.

You can also make your own feminized seeds, but you have to start with two known female cannabis plants.In fact, scientists still don’t fully understand exactly how gender is determined among gendered plants like cannabis.So far, no one has pinpointed a “male” chromosome or any other known factor that causes a plant to develop into a male or female.This happens in the second stage of your plant’s life, known as the “flowering stage.” The first sex organs that appear are often called “pre-flowers.” When do cannabis plants reveal their gender?Cannabis plants reveal their gender when they reach their second stage of life, known as the “Flowering Stage”.

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Please note that some male cannabis plants (about 70% of male cannabis plants according to some estimates) may produce a small amount of useable THC via trichomes growing on the outside of the plant.

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