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When Peter said he felt attacked, I had to dive under the couch cushions because no, white man, do not accuse a black woman of attacking you. I wanted her to pull a Jason Mesnick so bad I can taste it.But it was terrifying when she went into full lawyer mode and sort of … To me, that much immediate defensiveness about how good her life is signals a “not over you,” or at least a “not over this disappointment.” Did you notice their faces as Harrison teased to ? I hope they start texting secretly and get together.And I thought she recognized that Peter wasn’t rejecting her, just the fantasy. We see what it looks like when someone on this show won’t vocally propose to the woman he ends up with — it looks like Juan Pablo and Nikki, and that is such a bad look.(I realize this sounds like your boyfriend who says “I want to be with you forever, I just don’t believe in the institution of marriage.”) To me, the modern, savvy choice would have been to choose the guy who is presenting some sort of real-world relationship instead of pandering to the tropes of all 35 seasons before. Slack channel I’m in, seemed resigned that Bryan was the likely winner, but Peter being in the race kept it interesting. She seemed to have an intellectual connection with Peter and a more physical, sexual connection with Bryan.

wanted Peter despite the #neveradoubt hashtag she’s using on photos of Bryan. I respected Rachel a lot for being above the bullshit rules of the Bachelor universe.As far as the franchise goes, I think it’s going in the way of drama over romance and fun.The whole Lee narrative dominated the middle part of the season, and the entire “Men Tell All” special was just treated like “drama” or “fights between egos” rather than obvious racism. Davis: It does feel like they are going to have to figure out some way to modernize the show.Jada Yuan: How did you guys read Rachel and Peter’s interactions in those chances.My theory is that in Geneva, she started suspecting he was dialing it in to make it far enough to be the Bachelor, and she’s pissed.

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