Best practices for updating data base

Many people offer maintenance plans to help you stay up to date.

The problem with some of these plans is that they offer weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates.

To better match your local environment to the live, hosted environment, many developers use Vagrants — virtual development environments. It costs .95 (or .95 if you use my short-time discount code of Winter2016).

With Desktop Server, you can quickly create a local replica of your hosted site, test your updates, make note of or fix issues, then repeat the process on your live site.

Again, it represents bug fixes and should be done right away.

Updating themes can be a little tricky because updating will overwrite any customizations you’ve made to the theme’s files (if the changes were not made in a child theme), and can overwrite the theme options you’ve set, too.

Create both a FULL SITE (aka Complete) BACKUP as well as a DATABASE ONLY backup. There are many ways you can create a staging environment for your site to test updates without effecting the live site: Ideally, you should keep a perpetual locally hosted copy of the websites you maintain.

This might be because if they kept bug fixing 2.0, then were going to run out of digits in the third place!

May contain features that effect the way the plugin works on the site.2.1.1 – This is a patch and is safe to update without reading the changelog, though it might be helpful to find out what was fixed.

The example below is from the very popular Next GEN Gallery changelog:1.9.12 – Bug fix1.9.13 – Bug fix, security fix, styling fix2.0 – All new interface, a few changes, a few fixes.

That approach does not work due to the need for timely updates in the face of a security vulnerability.

Those updates need to happen asap, not on a pre-determined schedule.

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Download this zip file, and import it into Desktop Server.

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