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People developed relationships that ranged from casual friendship to erotic involvement to love affairs.

A core of regulars would form, resulting in either a welcoming environment for newbies or an exclusionary, clique-driven hierarchy, depending on where you went. But as one woman observed in the Sex Drive forum, chat has changed.

I expect the rates of online sex addiction to decline significantly after the novelty wears off and the majority of people learn that the internet really is just another tool, not an answer.

What's so alluring about porn, or cybersex, that we cling to it in such massive numbers?

You wouldn't eat a bowl of mustard, would you?

That's not filling.)Cybersex, on the other hand, is active – interactive – and it involves a lot more than just your visual cortex.

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Intel has announced its XMM 8000-series 5G NR modem suite, with the first modem to be available commercially in mid-2019, while also saying it has enabled 5G calls over its Gold Ridge 5G modem unveiled at CES 2017.

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