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However, adults of different ages have distinct goals, priorities, and motivations, which their self-presentations to potential dating partners may convey.Predictions in this study were derived from three key theories—sociocultural theories, evolutionary theory, and socioemotional selectivity theory.We collected 4,000 dating profiles from two popular websites to examine age differences in self-presentations.We used stratified sampling to obtain a sample equally divided by gender, aged 18–95 years.Self-presentation plays a central role in finding dating partners; potential partners use this information to decide whether to start a relationship (Derlega, Winstead, Wong, & Greenspan, 1987).Few studies have examined age differences in dating self-presentations (e.g., Alterovitz & Mendelsohn, 2009; 2013; Mc Williams & Barrett, 2014) and have relied on content analysis and qualitative analysis.

Based on the structure of adulthood, young adults’ self-presentations may focus on life tasks aimed at gaining a foothold in adult roles, pursuing future achievements, and investing in potential procreation (and sexuality).

A systematic quantitative analysis of the language adults use in dating profiles may further illuminate motivations to date at different ages.

Adults of all ages may share certain motivations to date, including companionship and romance.

Theories addressing age-related changes in motivation suggest that younger adults are likely to emphasize themselves, achievements, attractiveness, and sexuality.

Older adults are likely to present themselves positively and emphasize their existing relationships and health.

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Accordingly, women prefer partners with higher status, whereas men prefer partners who are more attractive (signaling fertility and higher reproductive capability; Buss, 1989, 2003; Shackelford, Schmitt, & Buss, 2005).

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