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ROBERTA: I don’t wanna do any spoiling—we hate spoilers, right? Was there a lot of research that went into writing and drawing this new iteration?What other influences might we see crop up in the story and art?CAITLIN: I read up on what happened with the previous iteration, mostly so I could figure out how we could make our version of WITCHBLADE stand alone, and I did gather a lot of photo references for Roberta when we were discussing the new design for the Witchblade and our main cast.But visually, this comic is all Roberta, and she does an incredible job, so I just try to stay out of her way. We’ll be able to see a newer contemporary Witchblade.CAITLIN: The concept of living armor, and the symbiotic relationship the Witchblade has with its host, were really fascinating to me as this sort of catch-22—the host needs the Witchblade to fulfill her purpose and fight against the forces of evil out there, but the Witchblade also needs a host because without her, it's really just this cosmic force trapped in a tiny piece of jewelry.Roberta and I talked a lot about how to honor the concept of the living armor and, at the same time, update the design to divorce it from the heavy male-gaze element of the original.

CAITLIN: Female creative teams are unfortunately in the minority right now in comics, and I'm really thrilled to be half of one on this book.ROBERTA INGRANATA: I’m a very big fan of WITCHBLADE, so when I was called to draw it, I was shocked and completely overwhelmed.It’s such an honor for me work on this series for so many reasons.BRITTANY MATTER: After two years without WITCHBLADE in circulation, and a 20-year history to live up to, how are you two pushing the legacy forward?What was it about this story that made both of you want to work on it?

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