Abusive or intimidating behavior toward employees

A second factor may be the organization and its overall culture of valuing profit above all else and cooking the books to make the grade. Test each option to determine if it's legal, right and beneficial.

A final influence may be the external environment including laws, regulations and generally held values (simply because something is legal does not make it ethical).

Taking extra personal time (late arrivals, longer lunch hours and breaks, early departures).

Abusive or intimidating behavior toward other employees.

Therefore, it must educate its workers, so that they do the right thing for the good of others and the organization as a whole. Most common unethical behaviors include abusive or intimidating behavior toward employees, followed by lying (to other employees, bosses, customers, vendors or the general public) and misrepresenting actual time worked.

Ethics training is necessary because employees' actions ultimately reflect on the business, and a company can be legally and financially responsible for workers' decisions. It's easy to see that a company loses when it doesn't provide ethics training. Terry Mann has worked as a professional journalist for the last five years.

As Secretary of the Department of the Interior (DOI), I am committed to ensuring a workplace free from harassment.

I expect each DOI employee to cultivate a work environment of dignity and respect that a reasonable person would not find to be hostile, intimidating, or offensive.

When appropriate, any employee who is found to have committed sexual harassment, discriminatory behavior, or any other harassing or retaliatory activities will be subject to disciplinary and/or adverse action.In addition to these illegal forms of harassment and discrimination, I also expect all DOI employees to refrain from engaging in offensive or abusive behavior that may not rise to the level of illegal harassment but is still unacceptable conduct in the workplace.Bullying, degrading, and intimidating behavior is not acceptable and serves to dishonor the mission and values of our Department.Reported incidents of harassment will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with promptly, fairly, and effectively.Individuals responding to alleged incidents will uphold confidentiality to the greatest extent possible.

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